Are your sunglasses really made in Australia?

Yes they are. We use the only eyewear factory in Australia located in Dubbo, NSW

How are your sunglasses made?

We use premium cellulose acetate to make our frames. The initial shapes are made from a sophisticated cutting machine and then assembled by hand. Our frames go through days of grinding and polishing. From the initial shaping stage, each frame takes two weeks to complete. We are premium eyewear made with the highest standards.

Do your sunglasses provide UV protection?

Yes, all our standard lenses offer category three protection that provide good protection from sun glare and good UV protection. Some of our sunglasses use gradient lenses which are classified category two, providing medium protection from sun glare with good UV protection.

Do you offer polarized lenses?

We currently offer polarized lenses to our retail stockists. We are happy to accommodate custom orders online. Please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to help

Why did you launch glarce?

We believed sunglasses from Australia made sense – we are the sunburnt country. After discovering no one made high quality acetate sunglasses in Australia, we thought we’d launch our own. We are a “glarce half full” brand and want glarce to become known the world over as a premium sunglass brand that represents quality and modern Australia.

How do I know if the size of your sunglasses will fit me?

All the width and height dimensions are listed with each model. All our regular sizes are between 140mm and 147mm wide. This is common and designed to suit most faces.